Wasabi update 11.2015

Good news: Wasabi just got an update.
Changes include:

  • New stuff
    • Licensing information (GPLv3) added to source code file headers
    • NEXUS file format import and export (supports: “data”, “characters”, “trees” block; “translate” command)
    • Recognizes leaf name colors in data files (“color” attribute in PhyloXML; [C=somecolor] tag in newick)
    • Import (same-origin) files without Wasabi server (supports url API: “url=” or “file=”)
    • Temporary user accounts
    • Branch lengths are now recalculated when updating alignment with Prank
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug where new accounts were deleted
    • Fixed a bug where sequence names were not backtranslated from temporary IDs
    • Fixed a bug for importing sequence names with underscores
    • Fixed issues with autosave

New Wasabi is ready to use on our public server and its source files are available from GitHub repository or Wasabi downloads

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