Wasabi update 09.2015

Good news: new version of Wasabi is now live.
This compound update includes:

  • Long list of fixed bugs. This is a stable version and has no known issues.
    • Fixed fasta file import
    • Proper cleanup of trails form previous data import
    • Better memory and performance footprint
    • Undo/redo system fixed
  • Addition of Wasabi plugin system
    • Pagan integration reimplemented as plugin (+ placement mode)
  • Additions to analysis library interface
    • Create and share (+default dataset option) collections of analyses
    • Analysis history track is now immutable
    • Compact and path view modes (+ smaller interface tweaks)
    • Option to add metadata to datasets
  • Save dialog: option to store sequence coloring and scroll position
  • Other interface changes (e.g. unified “update alignment” notification)

The new Wasabi version is ready to use on our public server and source files are available in Wasabi downloads

In addition, pre-built packages for Wasabi local installation were updated with the latest Wasabi (and Pagan/Prank) version, and are available form the downloads page.

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