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Wasabi outage

Wasabi was offline 20.-21. March due to unexpected changes in nameserver settings. The issue has been resolved and hopefully stays that way.

Wasabi integrated to Ensembl genome browser

The world’s largest genome browser Ensembl ( has integrated Wasabi to provide interactive visualization of the Genetree datasets. To see Wasabi in action, click on any node in a genetree (e.g. BRCA2 genetree) and click “Wasabi viewer”. The selected subtree

Wasabi integrated to ConSurf server

In addition to our public server, Wasabi can be added to other web services for customized integration. The ConSurf server is using Wasabi to provide interactive visualization for the result alignments and phylogenetic trees. Here’s an example results page with

Wasabi article published!

Great news! The first article describing Wasabi and few of its use cases has been published in Molecular Biology and Evolution.   You can now read the article online and cite it in publications: Veidenberg, A., Medlar, A. and Löytynoja,

New Wasabi video tutorial and plugin API

Wasabi homepage now includes a nice video to show an example workflow in Wasabi. The 2-minute tutorial covers Ensembl import, using Pagan aligner, tree pruning and sequence translation, among others. The video is hosted on Youtube and is available in