Interactive visualization of phylogenetic and sequence data


KUVA turns biological data into live images that can be embedded in web pages. KUVA elements can display trees and alignments either separately or together, and allow combining datatracks and meta-information in the same browseable view. KUVA provides various tools for interactive editing and easy access to the source data.

Fast & Light

Written in plain javascript, KUVA runs natively in any modern web browser with no external dependencies. KUVA visualizations look the same on touch devices on the go as on computer screens in the office and at home.


Large datasets are difficult to communicate via static images. KUVA visualizations are created dynamically and can display alignments of millions of characters and trees of thousands of taxa. Connected KUVA datatracks can show point estimates, intervals and many more. Naturally all KUVA elements move and zoom in/out in sync.

KUVA in action

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