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Bug report
Update alignment Fails - unknown error. Exit code: 139
ID: 1284Status: resolvedVersion: N/AReport Date: April 13, 2016Product: Wasabi Resolution Date: 09-07-2016Resolution Version:

After importing data and pruning my tree I try to update my alignment but this doesn't seem to be working:

Name: Updated ENSGT00800000124014
Status: Failed
Job type: Realignment
Created: 13.04.16 at 10:03
Feedback: Job failed: unknown error. Exit code: 139

Input for the analysis
– reading alignment 'fakePath/input.fas'
– using alignment guide tree 'fakePath/input.tree'
– option '+F' is not always compatible with '-keep'
– external tools available:
MAFFT for initial alignment
FastTree for guide tree estimation
Exonerate for alignment anchoring
RAxML for ancestral state reconstructio n

Reading multiple alignment.
#1#(1/42): 0% computed #1#(1/42): 2% computed #1#(1/42): 4% computed … -> #42#(42/42): 99% computed Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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