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Exporting a PRANK alignment
ID: 1436Status: newVersion: N/AReport Date: December 11, 2017Product: Prank

1. Upload unaligned sequences in fasta format to wasabiapp.
2. Under tools, select PRANK aligner.
3. Load the alignment when it says "Job Ready"
4. Under data, select Export
5. Chose Sequence, then either Fasta or Phylip format.
6. Click on the "Make File" button.
7. New window shows up which displays the alignment in the
proper format. However, the download button is not there.
8. Copy the text in the window.
9. Paste the text in a text editor. The integrity of the
format has been lost upon pasting text in text editor.

I would like simply to have the download button present so
that I can download my alignment in the proper format.

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